Featured Derm Dx

Derm Dx: Dermatitis on the Torso of a Baseball Player

A 21-year-old baseball player presents for evaluation of multiple erythematous papules and occasional pustules on his chest and back.

Derm Dx: Flesh-Colored Papule With Pigmented Speckles

A 70-year-old woman presents for evaluation of an asymptomatic growth on her right wrist.

Derm Dx: Coarse Hairs on the Lower Extremity

A 30-year-old Hispanic man requests laser removal of cosmetically bothersome coarse hairs on his lower extremity.

Derm Dx: Pigmented Area in the Nail of the Hallux

A 42-year-old avid tennis player is referred by his primary care provider for evaluation of a pigmented area on his right big toe nail.

Derm Dx: A growth on the scalp in an elderly man

A 91-year-old man is referred by his barber for assessment of a growth on his scalp. Although he had been told by a physician that it was “basal cell” cancer, he had no further follow-up.

Derm Dx: A moderately itchy rash on the neck and cheek

A 56-year-old Hispanic man presents with a moderately itchy rash affecting his neck and lower cheek. Despite treatment with various steroid creams, the rash persisted.

Derm Dx: Abrupt onset of hair loss

A 63-year-old Hispanic woman presents with an abrupt onset of hair loss, first noted 6 weeks ago. Examination reveals diffuse thinning without evidence of scarring.

Derm Dx: A growth on the armpit

The patient is a 42-year-old man requesting removal of a growth located on his right armpit. He is moderately obese and gives no history of systemic disease.

Derm Dx: A rapidly spreading rash and fever

A 44-year-old Hispanic man presents for evaluation of a rash of 2 days’ duration. Lesions originated on his face and rapidly spread to his trunk, back, and upper extremities.

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