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Presence of Nurse Practitioners Growing in Primary Care

Presence of Nurse Practitioners Growing in Primary Care

Findings from 2008 to 2016 in both rural and nonrural practices.

Vertical Mergers Could Be Challenging for Primary Care

Vertical level mergers, which incorporate not just health care providers, but also insurers, retailers, and PBMs, could pose challenges in primary care.

Nurses' Overtime Can Negatively Affect Collaborative Practice

Findings tied to both frequency of overtime and length of overtime hours in acute care setting


Why 92% of AAPA members don't vote

The 8% solution: How do we engage members in voting? (Hint - Don't blame them)

AAPA election emotions

Voting for the American Academy of Physician Assistants Board of Directors begins April 1, 2014.

Retail medicine: A final sale?

On the surface, the emergence of so-called "retail medicine" fills a niche. In reality, the concept may be more controversial.

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